Dirghshwasan (दीर्घश्वसन)

This is important “Pranayama”, breathing exercise and can be practiced after yoga or before meal. 
Sit in ‘padmasan’. Take a deep breath and exhale with OM. OO should be shorter than MM. Later MM should sound like to bee. You can stretch bee should as much as you can. This is helps brain neuron to become active. This pranayama is useful for kids and adults to control heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, sleep problem, control brain functioning (both slow thinking or hyper-activeness)
I am referring to Dr Hemant Bhargav, a physician and yoga expert, said. “The OO should be chanted for five seconds and the MMMM should take 10 seconds,” he says. On the screen we can see my brain’s blood oxygen level — and thus activity — fall as I chant, then rise as I rest. Bhargav’s concluded, “my mind is more restful when I chant than when I’m silent.”

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