A Story of love and Life….Woman who cannot compromise… A man who will not dare to care… A love blossomed was deeper than the passion…
Avantika, as a successful investment banker, struggles against her growing attraction to her charming colleague that she fears above all else just might be her true love and soul mate. She’s been hurt in the past, so she must tread lightly where Rohan is concerned. Rohan, an attractive, smart, aspiring investment banker is a part of Avantika’s team. He struggles to gain the foothold in his career, while at the same time, he battles against his strong desire toward Avantika. Her strong will to resist the idea of unconventional love, his constant struggle to exert rigid control over will and passion… only to succumb to the joys and passion during business trips that changed the course of their lives forever.

Mysteriously and ruthlessly, destiny takes both of them on a separate ways.

Rohan blames himself for the disastrous exit when he had to choose duty over love and carries with him the torturous guilt of breaking Avantika’s heart.

Betrayed by the man she trusted, Avantika distanced herself from everything that was associated with their love.

However, haunted by the deep passion that still rages in his soul, Rohan re-discovers the deep-rooted love for her that he tucked away in the deepest chamber of his heart.

The question is, will Avantika accept him back?

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Second Spring

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Deeptangshu Chatterjee

As an important part for any learning is there mentor, and here Ms.Sandhaya Jane is really best I found as the way she trained was like a parent hold the hand of small child while the baby learn to start walking, I believe from this point I can learn myself to fly with her future guidance.

Thats all from my part, I would really encourage business analysts to read her upcoming book on business analysis: The Question and Answer Book.

Thank You madam for such a nice informative mentoring.

Thank You

Please update your new book.

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